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Billie Loewen

Umm, yeah i cried like a little kid when i read this.

Laura Hecht

I'll bet one of the reasons you cried was because you had an awesome roommate that had also been appointed by God during our trip to Uganda. At times, you and Christy had an unspoken language of your own. Our group was indeed some of the most amazing people I am honored to have shared 10 days with.

Much love,
Mama Laura


Laura , thanks for being mama laura and the love you have for others, especially baby girl....

Laura Hecht

Thanks for your kind words. As you know, baby girl is EASY to love. Thanks for checking in and hope all is well with you and Billie in College.

freelance writers

not often happens to meet really good friend!!

abercrombie and fitch

facebook (I know, but

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