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Billie Loewen

Indeed, that was one of the most beautiful days i have every experienced. You and Hassan were especially fitting. It was clear you were made to love each other. Thank you for taking me back Mama Laura!

diane loewen

As I read this I have tear filled eyes. Only love can break your heart and only love can heal your heart. Thanks Laura for being willing to love, unconditionally with your mama heart. Thank you for reminding your readers of the children around the world. Real children. Real children with needs and hearts. Children who will remember in the midst of all the troubles in their little lives they are loved. Loved indeed !

Laura Hecht

Dearest Baby Girl and Mama Diane,
How fitting that you two are the first to respond to this post. True love is felt only by the heart. Baby Girl and I felt it that day and you, Diane, are the one who lived it from your spirit to ours. Sponsored children live in a state of total need and unconditional love. We could all learn from "the least of these" as the world may see them. They hold the purest of love I have ever known. My prayer is that people may see the connection of Compassion and sponsor children. God has appointed children for us to be stewards of. My honor is that for a time, I have Hassan. Whether he is biological or not, he is mine. Praise be to the One who IS the I AM!!

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Thank you for reminding your readers of the children around the world. Real children. Real children with needs and hearts.

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